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Maintaining facilities with shrinking resources, keeping aging buildings up and running efficiently, reducing operating costs and optimizing energy use are real challenges facing building owners and operators today. Whether you operate a premier office park, high-profile healthcare campus, school, church or any other building, the need to be more efficient, cost effective and compliant with regulations has never been more critical.

Central Mechanical Wichita is a trusted single source for all your heating, air conditioning, plumbing and mechanical systems and facility service needs. We see the big picture and understand all the components affecting the total cost of owning and operating a facility. Through focused project planning, CMW will customize service solutions to your unique operation and desired outcomes. We even offer guaranteed professional maintenance programs designed to reduce risk from the maintenance process and give clients peace of mind. Our programs are designed to replace multiple vendors and multiple budget items with one source and one budget. We ensure facilities are maintained in the most efficient way and stay within budget—no surprises and no extra costs. The process includes our bundled energy solutions designed to maximize performance and lower energy costs.

Let CMW help you get the most out of your mechanical systems. We have the right solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce total operating costs, improve responsiveness and enhance staff comfort and productivity.

Service Projects

  • Repair of existing HVAC systems and plumbing not covered by maintenance agreements.
  • Replacement of existing HVAC systems not covered by maintenance agreements

Spot Service

  • Unscheduled service calls for customers with and without maintenance agreements.

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