Energy Services

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is the rising cost of utilities. CMW has developed and implemented innovative energy solutions to reduce/control energy consumption. We can create a program designed specifically to maximize efficiency and lower your total cost of operation.

The process starts with a detailed assessment of your existing utility services and mechanical systems and includes a comprehensive energy study. We then analyze the information, formulate strategic recommendations and estimate your potential savings. CMW can manage your entire program through our bundled energy solutions and guaranteed maintenance programs or help you implement individual, smart energy technology solutions. The benefit to you is reduced operating cost, reduced environmental impact and enhanced compliance. There is also potential for reduced utility rates as often we discover clients are being billed for utilities at higher rates than they should be.

CMW is committed to continuous improvement. Scheduled measurement and verification are critical to our process and inform new initiatives and strategies. And our customer assurance review and evaluation (CARE) communications process ensures clients are always in the loop.

  • Energy Audits
  • Utility Audits
  • Energy Savings Projects
  • Bundled Energy Solutions
  • Guaranteed Maintenance Programs

Download our Energy Service case study (PDF)